What Hurts: Shoulder/Arm

Has a sports injury, accident or overuse created pain and discomfort in your shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist or hand? Does it affect your daily life and activities?

DrMoe-MMT-WhatHurts-04ShoulderArmConditions and injuries to the shoulder and arm are more likely to affect a patient’s ability to perform normal, everyday tasks, than some other areas of the body.

The different conditions and injuries can affect a person’s ability to lift objects, raise or move their arm, write, work on a computer and other everyday tasks. These conditions can range to mild discomfort caused by overuse and sports injuries to extreme pain caused by severe trauma to the different areas of the arm.

Many patients resort to pain medication, injections and, in severe cases, surgery, to restore function to the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand.

MMT-certified doctors may be able to diagnose the specific cause of a patient’s discomfort and offer a different medical treatment option that could restore function and relieve pain, with a noticeable improvement following the first treatment.

Protocols and treatment methods are combined with specific movements of the affected area of the arm to possibly help heal the damaged muscles and tendons that are causing pain. By adding movement to the treatment protocols, an MMT-certified doctor can target the specific damaged area and isolate the treatment to provide the desired relief.

MMT treatments last only 15-20 minutes, so what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest MMT-certified doctor TODAY!