What Hurts: Neck

Are you someone who suffers from chronic neck pain, stiffness of the neck or weakness/tingling of the areas around your neck?

DrMoe-MMT-WhatHurts-02NeckMMT protocols for the neck/upper back portion of a patient’s body are designed to not only relieve pain and stiffness, but may also allow a person to return to normal, everyday activities without discomfort and modification.

There are many causes for neck problems, including nerve imbalances, muscle damage, previous accidents or trauma to the neck, whiplash or some other structural imbalance.

By visiting an MMT-certified doctor, the exact cause of pain and discomfort can be determined and then expertly treated to provide relief and, at the end of reatment, it may allow for a return to regular participation of activities.

Neck-specific MMT protocols allow for treatment of the root cause of symptoms. If there is a nerve imbalance, MMT may be able to identify the exact reason for the imbalance and allow the doctor to treat it, and do so effectively. What about structural damage? MMT may also treat any muscle, tissue or vertebrae damage in the neck and upper back areas.

Because MMT is an effective physical treatment that provides results and restoration of functions, patients may no longer be forced to hide or mask the pain with medications. MMT can possibly provide an alternative to surgery.

By choosing MMT over surgery, a patient may begin to see progress after the first visit. As patients proceed through the treatments, they may begin to notice a restoration of function and strength. This may allow many patients to forego surgery, which can restrict a patient for weeks or months during healing, and many times, cause them to miss work or other functions.

With MMT, you may not miss work or your children’s or grandchildren’s activities.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest MMT-certified doctor TODAY!