What Hurts: Hip

When an injury or discomfort affects a patient’s hip, it can create a number of different problems during everyday life. Depending on the severity of the pain, a patient may be forced to restrict not only the time spent on their feet, but also their time at work.


Hip conditions can force someone to spend the majority of their time seated or lying down, limiting all activities and productivity.

In many cases, the longer someone experiencing hip discomfort avoids treatment, the chance of further damage and pain will increase. Over time, a patient will eventually begin to become debilitated by the pain and will be unable to perform any activities properly or painlessly.

Current treatments for hip conditions are limited to injections, pain medications, surgery or rehab.

But now there’s another option, that’s less invasive and may result in noticeable relief after the first treatment.

By combining specific protocols and simple patient movements, an MMT-certified doctor may be able to treat the exact cause of discomfort, whether it’s a muscle, tendon or nerve causing the pain.

Patients that receive MMT treatments for hip pain report noticeable relief after the first treatment.

Treatments take 15-20 minutes, depending on the severity of the pain and discomfort.

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