Since Mechanical Motion Therapy or MMT is still in the nascent stages of its inception into the field of chiropractic, people tend to be dubious about how effective it is as a pain-relief therapy. Now think about it like this – if MMT wasn’t highly therapeutic, why would so many individuals including both chiropractors and patients, vouch for its efficacy?

And if you’re thinking “may be this is just a fad, so everyone suddenly wants to try MMT”, this is a misplaced assumption. Mechanical Motion Therapy is not a fad that is soon to be forgotten. It is gaining a lot of attention, yes, but that’s because it has been working unexpectedly well in treating patients suffering from pain stemming from musculoskeletal anomalies. In fact, patients have high hopes from this kind of therapy for long-term pain relief.

The reason for believing that MMT may help attain long-term relief is that it targets the root cause of the pain. It methodology of action is based upon identification of the site of musculoskeletal misalignment which gives rise to pain. An MMT certified chiropractor will manage to localize the cause and then use suitable protocols for targeted treatment. For more information on MMT, visit or call 724-942-4444.