The hip is an important part of the musculoskeletal system. In most cases of hip injuries, an otherwise healthy bone might be fractures of cracked. In other cases, it is a bone that has been weakened due to arthritis or osteoporosis which might get injured under pressure and is treated with Mechanical Motion Therapy. A number of common hip injuries are given below:

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursae, which are cushiony sacs surrounding the bone. The pain caused in this condition may be aggravated by walking and running.

A dislocated hip is one in which the ball breaks away from the femur, leaving the joint dislocated. A dislocated hip can cause a lot of pain, especially while walking.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

This is a condition that might cause a snapping sensation in the hip, which might or might not be accompanied with a crushing or snapping sound. This usually occurs in athletes and dancers but can also occur in people who have very weak bones.

Treatment for hip snapping can range from medication and surgery to physiotherapy and hip replacement. If you suffer from a disabling hip pain, contact an MMT certified chiropractor who can suggest alternative treatment options.

A certified chiropractor will use his skill and expertise along with his knowledge of the musculoskeletal disorder of the human body to recognize the problem area in the hip. According, he will devise a plan to treat the affected area. The best part about consulting a certified MMT chiropractor is that all his treatment options are totally safe and not invasive, as opposed to potentially harmful options like surgery and medication which carry their own side effects. Additionally, a revolutionary new treatment methodology called Mechanical Motion Therapy or MMT has been developed after extensive research and practices, which has the power to relieve a patient of their joint, bone or muscle pain after the very first sitting. To know more about whether MMT is right for you, visit www.mechanicalmotiontherapy.comor call at 724-260-6060.