MMT improves emotional, physical and mental wellbeing

By promoting self-healing and balance within the body, regular therapy, when hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, improve our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. We often find our clients develop a greater awareness of their bodies and their environment through regular adjustments. In doing this they actively strive to improve their wellbeing therefore reducing physical, chemical and emotional stress.

MMT ensures a fully functioning nervous system

Our nervous system is the master controller of our bodies. If it’s blocked, not functioning correctly or struggling to communicate with our other key systems then this all manifests itself as symptoms throughout our body – whether it’s poor sleep or back pain. The nervous system controls and regulates every single cell in your body; hence interference to this important system can have a negative effect on health or performance. MMT treats the cause not the symptom and improves your body function and health while reducing pain.

MMT doctors will help you move better

MMT experts are often regarded as a treatment solely for back problems, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is based on the idea that by maintaining good spinal alignment, and therefore clear and healthy pathways to and from the central nervous system, the body’s ability to self-heal is improved. This means we can move better, more easily and in a more natural way.

MMT improves your posture

As well as improving body movement, Mechanical Motion Therapy also improves posture. Poor posture can affect digestion, elimination and breathing. Alongside this, most fit and healthy people have good posture to go alongside it.

MMT relieves pain

By treating the underlying causes and improving body function, chiropractic can bring fantastic pain relief. It helps relieve physical tension in the muscles and emotional tension in the mind. In doing this, the body works more effectively and pain is reduced.

MMT helps improve your sleep

Spinal problems or underlying issues can all affect the quality of our sleep. Rest, recovery and a good night’s sleep are essential to better wellbeing. Mechanical Motion Therapy, along with many other factors, can help improve the quality of your sleep.

MMT gives you more energy

By moving better, having a fully-functioning nervous system, sleeping better and being in less pain, our clients find they have much more energy as a result. Good energy levels are big factors in wellbeing and self-esteem. Active and energetic people usually feel healthier, stronger and much better about themselves.

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