The reasons for which you should be thankful to Mechanical Motion Therapy are:

  1. Its Natural

MMT is a natural and effective form of healthcare, which promotes proper functioning of the central nervous system. Many of our patients have eliminated the need for dangerous surgery and expensive medication after receiving regular adjustments. Everyone is treated as an individual under our care, meaning the aches and pains specific to your body are recognized and corrected.

2. It lets the body heal itself

When a patient comes in for an adjustment they experience precise forces to specific parts of their spinal segment, which ultimately correct misalignments and allow normal nerve transmissions to the rest of the body. When nerve transmissions are sending clear messages, your body can recuperate itself. The MMT certified doctors tackle the root of your pain, which is often just nerve transmissions being blocked (these are called “subluxations”). Rather than simply treating symptoms, Mechanical Motion Therapy assists your body in resisting disease and regaining its potential.

3. Relief

We are confident that there is no limit to the benefits MMT can provide. The most common relief associated with the process is from the back pain. However, no matter the pain or discomfort people come in experiencing, our team at Mechanical Motion Therapy seek to correct underlying causes rather than masking or numbing your pain with medications.

4. It is great for the whole family

MMT is not only for adults; our chiropractors are specifically trained to check a child’s spine for areas causing nerve damage. If any indication of trauma or damage is present, a gentle adjustment is administered with the same pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. From infants to grandparents, our families report having more energy, less dependency on medication, and improved overall health as a result of regular MMT care.

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