To determine if MMT is right for you, you must first understand what MMT is:

skeleton-225x3001Mechanical Motion Therapy is a form of physical medicine that is used by MMT-certified doctors. MMT combines computerized adjustment technology with specific patient-motion protocols that will allow for the proper diagnosis and treatment of the troubled area of the body.

MMT is not limited to just the back, as many potential patients may think. It can be used to treat any area of the body that is creating pain or discomfort, and limiting a patient’s ability to perform daily tasks.

In many cases, pain and discomfort are the result of an underlying issue that may affect a patient, including muscle, tissue, bone or structural damage or misalignments.

These conditions can cause discomfort that ranges from mild and occasional, in which case patients normally turn to pain medication, to severe and debilitating, which may result in complete loss of function and the ability to perform activities or simple tasks.

Causes can range from something minor, such as turning the wrong way too quickly or lifting too much weight, to something major, such as an accident or work injury.

mmt-sealThe good news is that MMT may be able to help all patients, regardless of the amount of discomfort they are experiencing.

MMT-certified doctors can evaluate symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan with specific protocols. In most cases, patients experience significant improvement after the first visit – without any prescription medications.

Pain, swelling and inflammation causes the affected area of the body to lose its range of motion, and in turn, aggravates any symptoms that a patient may be experiencing. MMT-certified doctors treat the affected area by influencing the proper movement with computerized medical equipment. During treatment, the equipment releases tension within the affected tissues. Then, by continuing the treatment as the patient begins to participate, the range of motion increases and the muscles begin to react as they are meant to. By the end of treatment, pain and inflammation can decrease while your range of motion is restored.

ING_33594_63647MMT can be the perfect solution for patients that may be experiencing headaches, neck or back pain, swelling or pain in the arm, hand or wrist and trouble with the hips, legs, ankles or feet.

To learn more about how Mechanical Motion Therapy may help relieve your symptoms, contact an MMT-certified doctor today to schedule your consultation.