Bad posture can have multiple ill effects on health. Most commonly reported problems caused by bad posturing are headaches, jaw pain, shoulder and neck pain and gastrointestinal pain. When leaning forward while working or reading, one is most likely to clench their jaw. As a result, one is afflicted with severe headaches and jaw aches which, if prolonged, can turn into serious medical issues – thus needing treatment such as Motion Mechanical Therapy.

Bad posture in the form of slouching can cause hunched shoulders which begin to hurt over time. If the muscle tension is not relieved at regular intervals, the shoulder and back can become stiff and prone to more serious ailments. Leaning forward can also affect lung capacity by reducing lung function by up to 30%. This can have serious repercussion on health like breathlessness and tiredness. Some physicians have also speculated that hunching forward for long durations can cause a higher rate and degree of depression, thus affecting mental health as well.

However, if bad posture is not corrected, it could lead to several debilitating ailments like different types of orthoses. The most common, perhaps, of these is scoliosis orthoses, which is of special interest to chiropractors. Other major back problems may occur in children and adolescents and might need special attention by certified chiropractors to be amended. MMT certified chiropractors come in handy here. They use their special expertise and training in Mechanical Motion Therapy to correct and heal various problems caused by bad posturing, among other things.

For example, specialized MMT heel pain doctors and MMT back pain doctors are available to apply their expertise in correcting problems caused by bad posturing. MMT is a revolutionary therapy hailed by chiropractors are the next big thing is posture correcting. If you suffer from excruciating pain in any part of your body, be it a muscle, joint or tendon, contact a MMT certified chiropractors today to book your appointment and be on your way to recovery. To know more about MMT and how it works, and to read testimonies of satisfied patients, visit or call 724-942-4444.