The most common identifiable symptoms of bad posture are pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Inability to stand and sit straight without support can be early warning signals to bad posturing. Prolonged inactivity as sitting or slouching for too long can obstruct circulation, increase pressure and cause painful spider and varicose veins. It can slow one’s metabolism and cause gut problems. Bad posture also translates into low self-confidence and high stress. Bad posture as slouching or slumping creates misalignment along the spine and negatively affects all functions of the musculoskeletal system. Proper posture insures that the upper cervical curve, mid-thoracic curve and lower lumbar curve of the spine balance along an imaginary vertical line that runs from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Bad posture results in improperly aligned spine which in turn disrupts alignment of other bones and muscle. The early warning signs are pain with every movement. In the long term structural damage has to be treated with medication, physiotherapy treatment and surgery in some cases. In most cases, however, a certified chiropractor can help identify bad posture and even correct it using methods derived from extensive research on Motion Therapy.

Some more common and easy identifiable symptoms of bad posture are-

1) Improper digestion. Sitting too long without a break compresses the digestive system. It can cause constipation and slow metabolic conversion.

2) Body aches and pains. Since bad posture is caused by incorrect position of the spine, it can lead to a curved and bent spine that could lead to back and shoulder pain.

3) Excessive pressure on one shoe as opposed to another. This may be caused due to an improper walking position.

If you suffer from any of these, try to consult an MMT certified chiropractor, who will try to rectify your bad posture and try to improve your posture by giving you tips. An MMT certified chiropractor will also apply his expertise to ensure that your posture is corrected permanently and not just temporarily.

Since a bad posture carries many ill effects, it is advised that your contact a certified chiropractor immediately. To know more visit www.mechanicalmotiontherapy.comor call at 724-260-6060.