If you are involved in a more serious car accident, it is likely that you will deal with pain and other injuries after the accident. Most people don’t expect to deal with back pain after a minor accident. However, you can get an injury to your back and experience pain even in the smallest accident. It all depends on how your body moves during the collision and any previous conditions you may have. The pain you will most likely experience is called whiplash.

Understanding Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury as a result of a car accident. When your car collides with something no matter in what direction, your body or neck moves quickly to one way and then snaps in the other direction. This is a movement your body is not used to. As a result, it can strain the ligaments and joints in the area —most likely your neck and back. The damage, as a result of whiplash, can vary from mild to severe. In the mild cases, you can expect the pain to go away within a week or so. With more severe cases, the injury can result in chronic back pain for a lifetime. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to get help and take care of the pain as soon as it starts. For the purpose you can engage the MMT experts. The professionals of Mechanical Motion Therapy can be contacted through http://www.mechanicalmotiontherapy.com/.

Symptoms of Whiplash:

You can expect to start to feel the symptoms of whiplash within 24 hours of the car accident. The common symptoms include neck pain or stiffness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and blurred vision. In some cases, people will also experience ringing in their ears, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. If it is painful to move your head or the pain or numbness spreads to your shoulders or arms, you should see your doctor right away. This could indicate serious problems and likely need medical attention. To engage us at Mechanical Motion Therapy you can send us queries on the email id: info@mechanicalmotiontherapy.com.

You cannot always avoid whiplash in a car accident; it is a common consequence. You can, however, help your body by ensuring that the whiplash is as mild as possible. Do this by wearing your seat belt at all times, sitting up straight, and facing forward while you drive. If you do get whiplash, visiting our office can help as well. We can stretch out the ligaments and muscles to increase mobility and lower your pain level. It will help you heal faster and help avoid the onset of chronic pain as a result of the accident.