Is Your Doctor Mechanical Motion Therapy Certified?

All of our Doctors are licensed and trained to provide certified Mechanical Motion Therapy.
You can trust to get the best care with us: Comfort. Consistent. Computerized. Ask for it by name.

What is MMT?

MMT is a revolutionary treatment system provided by Certified Doctors that may be able to help relieve you of your pain or flexibility difficulties without the use of medication or surgeries.

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What Hurts?


Get Started

Learn more about MMT and find your local MMT-Certified doctor to begin getting relief – TODAY!

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What is MMT?


About MMT

Mechanical Motion Therapy – The revolutionary new healthcare treatment – May be ideal for treating your symptoms without the use of medications or surgery. You may finally get the relief you desire…

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Our Methods

Starting with a diagnosis, a specific treatment plan is created that uses state-of-the-art protocols that re-educate your body on how it should function and feel – not the way it currently feels…

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Care You Can Trust

By using specific protocols, MMT-Certified doctors have one goal in mind – to help you get the relief you desire and return to  work and the activities that you love, and do so quickly…

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Discuss Your
Symptoms with an
MMT-Certified Doctor

You’re local MMT-Certified Doctor offers a no-charge conversation, which will allow
you and the provider to help determine if MMT is right for you. So what are you
waiting for? Get started with MMT today!
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MMT can be the
Solution you’ve been
looking for.

MMT works in most cases because we are determined to find the
underlying issues causing your pain and discomfort. MMT can
possibly be the solution to your pain.
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Chiropractic MMT Certified
Start Feeling
Better Today!

Pain can be caused by 3 things: Soft Tissue Fixation, Nerve Impingement Syndrome,
or Inflammation. When the primary source of the cause of your pain is determined, an
MMT-Certified doctor can then use specific protocols to treat the cause of your pain.
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 Heel pain MMT doctors
Learn How MMT
May Be Able
To Help You.

MMT Can Work for You. It may even help you reduce the need for some
medications by reducing stress in soft tissue, improving joint range of motion
and ultimately decrease the amount of inflammation in your body
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Mechanical Motion Therapy
Is Mechanical
Motion Therapy
Right For You?

Is MMT right for you? The answer may be YES! MMT is a revolutionary
healthcare method that allows an MMT-Certified doctor to treat your pain
or discomfort. MMT can eliminate the need for medications and can have you
noticing improvement after the first treatment.
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Chiropractic MMT Certified

What Hurts?




Neck Pain


Back Pain


Shoulder/Arm Pain


Hip Pain


Leg Pain

What Patients Are Saying

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