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Treatment Options For Sciatica

Have you recently been diagnosed by sciatica and the very thought of it is not letting you sleep properly? Sciatica is an excruciating pain that affects the longest nerve of a person’s body that radiates from the back down to the legs. From sciatica MMT doctors to exercising and acupuncture, there are a lot of […]

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Top Remedies For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a major health concern for most as it affects both professional and personal life of a person. Well a lot of back sufferers prefer treatment of back pain MMT doctors, but there are other effective home remedies that can offer much needed relief. Take a look at some effective remedies here:

Massage Therapy: […]

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Why do we need Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT)?

One of the reasons we’re big-time advocates of Mechanical Motion Therapy is that it’s useful for treating such a wide variety of conditions- many of which you probably wouldn’t think a MMT could fix. Many new patients think of MMT as a solution to chronic and crippling health problems and misalignments. But MMT is also […]

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