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How Can MMT Cure Heel Pain?

Heel pain is a common problem amongst people who walk a lot on a regular basis due to a hectic lifestyle. People suffering from heel pain become habitual in taking pills for the treatment of such pains, because the effect is instant. But what they are unaware of is the fact that painkillers can be lethal if […]

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Does MMT Ensure Long-Term Relief From Pain?

Since Mechanical Motion Therapy or MMT is still in the nascent stages of its inception into the field of chiropractic, people tend to be dubious about how effective it is as a pain-relief therapy. Now think about it like this – if MMT wasn’t highly therapeutic, why would so many individuals including both chiropractors and […]

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Welcome to MMT!

Welcome to Mechanical Motion Therapy, or MMT.

MMT is a revolutionary new treatment technique that will help you FEEL BETTER and FUNCTION HIGHER!

Mechanical Motion Therapy certified doctors use specific treatment protocols that combine computerized adjustments and patient movements to unlock tissues that are the cause of your pain, inflammation and discomfort.

By using these protocols, doctors may […]

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