Arthritis typically means inflammation of joints. It can affect single or multiple joints. It is more common in overweight people and in women. However, it generally affects people over 60 yrs of age though due to heredity or sport related injuries it can affect younger people also. Day-to-day activities and movement causes wear and tear of the connective tissue. This connective tissue protects the joints but any repetitive stress can reduce the cartilage and can cause Osteoarthritis (OA). It is a more common and easily treatable form of arthritis. Another type is the Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) caused when the body’s immune system attacks the tissues of the body. It attacks the synovial, a soft tissue in the joints that produces a fluid to nourish the cartilage and lubricate the joints. It can eventually destroy the bone and cartilage inside the bone. An MMT certified chiropractor, however, can exponentially help with joint pain caused due to arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, stiffness and swelling, difficulty and pain in movement especially in the morning. Doctors use imaging techniques such as X-ray, MRI and C.T. scans to check for fluid in the joints, redness and even bone spurs. By using state of the art technology and combining it with effective patient feedback, MMT certified chiropractors can make patients of arthritis forget their pain immediately-mostly after just one sitting.

The most crucial factor in treatment of arthritis is improving joint function, reducing pain and inflammation. Though there are a variety of treatments an experienced doctor may utilize any one or more of the treatments in varying combinations to keep in conjunction with the patient’s progress. Although effective, medication can carry harmful side effects. An MMT certified chiropractor, on the other hand treats patients using noninvasive, totally safe methodologies.

Medications and physical therapy are the initial forms of treatment whereas surgery is prescribed for patients where retrieval is not possible. Medication involves reduction of joint inflammation and treatment of pain. For RA, disease modifying ant rheumatic drugs that suppress the immune system are prescribed. Physical therapy involves exercises to strengthen the muscles around the affected joint. Surgery is most commonly performed on hips and knees. In case of arthritis having affected wrists or fingers, doctor may perform a joint fusion. To know more about how you can get rid of your pain, visit www.mechanicalmotiontherapy.comor call at 724-260-6060.